Monédières Millevaches Vol Libre


School of paragliding in the heart of the Massif des Monédières, unique in Limousin. FFVL certified since 2007. Open from April to October, the school offers paragliding baptisms, discovery days (school slope + two-seater flight) and teaching to become an autonomous pilot. It also offers baptisms in microlight. From 5 years for baptisms, from 12 years for teaching and discovery day.

3 flight sites: Suc to May’s orientation table (delta, paragliding), the Fournaise (delta, paragliding, aeromodelling and kite) and Puy de la Monédière (delta, paragliding). • From € 50 to € 110 for a paragliding baptism (depending on the season and flight time) • € 130 for a paragliding discovery day • From € 60 to € 120 per session (depending on the season) • € 60 To 130 € the baptism in ULM (according to the duration of flight)